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St Augustine Rentals On The Beach


NO Service Fees!

PLEASE NOTE: We have not used VACATION RENTAL PROS (now called "V-Trips")as our property manager in over nine years. They had been charging our customers a heavy Cleaning Fee of $295, a Non-Refundable "Security Damage Waver Fee" of $195 and an "Amenity Fee" of 5.95% on top of those items, plus the mandatory FL State Tax on top of all of that (10.5% on top of everything).

We now manage the rentals ourselves with the help of our original property managers and their cleaning crew of 4. Dealing directly with our customers is both beneficial to us and our Tenants... and less expensive for you!

The ONLY charges you will incur with our rentals is the Rental Amount shown, a $200 Cleaning Fee and the mandatory 10.5% FL Tax. Pets are $200 for the first pet and $50 for each additional.

There are no other fees or hidden charges!


NO Service Fees!


NO Service Fees!


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NO Service Fees!







4-Night Minimum

Oct 12, 2019 - May 16, 2020
Not Available
Owner Use

MAY 16 - MAY 30


$310/Night - $370/Wknds

MAY 30 - JUNE 13
Sat-Sat Only
JUNE 13 - AUG 1
Sat-Sat Only
AUG 1 - AUG 15
$350/Night - $410/Wknds
AUG 15 - AUG 29
$340/Night - $400/Wknds
AUG 29 - SEPT 26

$330/Night - $390/Wknds

SEPT 26 - OCT 22
$310/Night - $370 Wknds
Oct 22, 2019 - May 19, 2020
Not Available
Owner Use


Financial Arrangements

At the time of signing, a non-refundable Hold Deposit of $500 is required to confirm your reservation.  This is not refunded in the event of cancellation.  However, the Hold Deposit converts to a refundable Security Deposit upon occupying the premises and is refundable under the terms and conditions itemized in our Rental Agreement. If there is no damage, the $500 Security Deposit will be received by the Tenant within one week of departure.

In the event of cancellation within 60 days of occupancy, any rental amounts previously paid to the Owner (less the aforementioned Hold Deposit) are refundable providing the unit can once again be rented in time and for the same amount. The Hold Deposit is due upon signing.  The Total Rental Amount is due 60 days prior to occupancy.

Examples of Our Rate Calculations vs. "Vacation Rental Pros" and "V-Trips"

Our $3400 Rental: $3400 + $200 Cleaning = $3600 +10.5% FL Tax ($378) = $3978
*Our $500 Security Deposit is refundable. See above.

VRP's $3400 Rental: $3400 + $295 Cleaning = $3695 + $195 *Security Damage Waiver
Fee = $3890 + 5.95% Amenity Fee ($231.46) = $4121.46 +10.5% Tax ($432.75) = $4554
*Their Security Damage Waiver Fee is a non-refundable damage insurance premium.

You save $576 in Fees and Tax because...

We DO NOT Charge Service Fees!